Since networking plays an important role in our daily lives, telecom infrastructure across the world needs to be up, and in sync at all time without latency. Besides mobile phones connections, more and more IoT will connect with Telecom base stations or small cells for communication and data transfer, as well as mission critical applications.

Most high performance timing products like OCXO, Stratum-3 TCXO, and VCXO play a huge role in Telecom infrastructure. If timing fails, we will experience dropped calls and slow web browsing, data errors, bank and stock trades will fall through.

Recommended Products

> Discrete OCXO and SMD OCXO

> High stability TCXO or Stratum-3 TCXO

> High freq. low phase noise VCXO

> Low jitter and low phase noise Oscillator with LVPECL/LVDS output

Reference Table 

Recommended parts for IC Reference Design
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