QST Products LLC.

QST is a leading supplier of Timing devices, ICs, and Module products. QST was established in 2012, and is headquartered in La Habra, California

QST is a branded division of TXC Corp., QST combined the products from multiple TXC affiliated companies, to market them under one sales and marketing team, and to bring the latest technologies in functionality and miniaturization of Timing devices, Low EMI IC solutions, and Wireless Charging solutions

QST aims to promote  its products in the Americas and EMEA to expand its coverage beyond Asia by supporting a representative sales team, and a worldwide  distribution network

Our Team

We are a customer-centric supplier that brings high-performance and high-quality products in a cost effective solutions. We are experts in understanding the needs of our customers and in anticipating the market requirements. We are a team of professionals that have been in the Timing, IC, and Module industries for over two decades


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