Cellular Modem

Growing consumer demand for data means the right cellular modem is needed to unlock all the benefits of the latest mobile network technologies for fast internet speed, and reliable crystal-clear calls. The cellular technology is accelerating the path of 4G to 5G, empowering tomorrow's smart Internet of Things, and creating new experiences.

As a result, choosing the right crystal device is crucial, since the crystal is the key reference signal for cellular modem to ensure stable communication and best performance. On the other hand, temperature compensation of the crystal device is also important to minimize frequency change under a wide operating temperature range.

Recommended Products

Temperature Sensing Crystal (TH+Xtal), a crystal unit with temperature sensing component

> Miniature kHz and MHz Crystal, precise timing source for MCU or Application Processor

> Miniature TCXO, a crystal unit with temperature compensation for high stability frequency tolerance mainly for GPS application

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